Is the java (begginer) tutorial outdated?

+1 Julio Esteban Asiain Neno · January 14, 2015
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0 Vincenzo Marcella · January 15, 2015
No, certainly not. Although Bucky uses JDK 1.6 (Current version being 1.8) there hasn't been many changes to the syntax besides lambda functions, and some new additions to the API like the Time class that makes getting system time and stuff easier. You can manually learn all of those after you've learned how to program fairly easily though.
0 Julio Esteban Asiain Neno · January 15, 2015
Thanks :D
0 Pawan kumar · January 16, 2015
0 Suraj Mehta · January 16, 2015
No. It is not at all outdated. All the syntaxes remain the same in JDK 1.8. I have watched Bucky's all java tutorials. As far as they are concerned, you can watch them to study Java. It's probably the best Java tutorial series. Most of the updates are generally updates of algorithms, security and stuff. (You will face problems in java applet but you can resolve it. It's because of their change in security policy)
I hope this helps you.
0 Kuroodo Ditory · January 16, 2015
Pawan Kumar: tip (not fixing your problem, just a general tip): Don't capitalize your variables (Var should be var).
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