Should I learn Ajax after PHP?

+2 Abhishek Raj · January 14, 2015
Ive already Learnt PHP... do I need to learn ajax in order to create dynamic websites..???

Is there a need to learn any other language??

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+1 Gregory Ballantine · January 15, 2015
For dynamic websites, AJAX is very useful, in that it'll allow your web pages to load in content after the initial page load. This is how some websites like Facebook and Youtube will retrieve new content (new posts, comments, statuses, etc) after the page has been loaded. It isn't necessary, but can make a website much more functional, dynamic, and, in my opinion, brings websites into the more "modern" age of technology.

Also, it's good to be diverse and learn new languages when you have opportunities to do so. New languages can help to expand your knowledge and skills, and it'll also help with getting jobs and projects as you'll have more tools in your belt.
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