+2 william appiah-dankwah · June 10, 2014
i have made an array witch i want to try and use other statements i have learnt to finish of the code, hears my code what can i add to it to make it more interesting 

var gold = new Array();

gold[0] = "goddfellaz";
gold[1] = "sk vibemakers"
gold[2] = "heartless crew"
gold[3] = "rolldeep"
gold[4] = "wolfpack"
gold[5] = "payasyougo"

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0 Sho Carter · April 3, 2015
from the new post you created or in this post?
0 william appiah-dankwah · April 3, 2015
this post? 
0 william appiah-dankwah · April 3, 2015
this post ok
0 Sho Carter · April 3, 2015
My code (image i uploaded) works.
0 william appiah-dankwah · April 3, 2015
ok does it loop lol i know it works i wrote the code it does not loop do you really code?
0 william appiah-dankwah · March 26, 2015

var List = new Array() 

 List[0] = pic/photo-1.JPG;
 List[1] = pic/photo-2.JPG;
 List[2] = pic/photo-3.JPG;


back with an array question why can't i get an image from a file for an array like how i have written the code?

0 william appiah-dankwah · March 26, 2015
hay look lima i don't know what your saying that but i asked for help with an array
0 Sho Carter · April 4, 2015
Please be specific by stating which context you mean....
Are you talking about looping through the images (in the array) you first posted, or are you talking about looping over the images over a few seconds (Interval)?

And yes, I code thank you. 
0 william appiah-dankwah · April 4, 2015
have you written a code that works in a loop over a few second interval?? i am talking about my image array post the loop is not working did you notice that?
0 Hope Lasr · June 12, 2014
@william appiah-dankwah 

I think you really need to learn some JavaScript basics, it really would help you a lot, I see you are saying that condole.log() does not work, did you try CTRL(control Key) + F12 or FN + F12 depending on your keyboard, then navigate to the  "Console" Tab of your browser's Developer tools? I think that would help.

Please understand that Console.log() is more like your document.write() but the difference is that document.write() will write the output to the page(document) that you are viewing whereas Console.log() will write on the Browsers console. 

Hope that Helps.



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