Local Disk problem !

+1 Jordan Dimitrov · January 14, 2015
My Local Disk(D) shows this 17,5 GB free of 54,9 GB. Used space 37,3 GB ,free space 17,5 GB and capacity 54,9 GB.The problem is when i enter local disk D and mark all folders inside hit properties its show only 5,66 GB so where is the rest of the space (49,24 GB)?Something is wrong here please help me !

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+2 Eugene Botma · January 14, 2015
windows creates a page file and hibernation file that is hidden and protected by admin rights. Even if you set it to show hidden files, it doesn't include those two files in the size. You can use a program like spacesniffer (http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/) to find out what takes up most of your space. If you run it as administrator, you should see the page and hibernation files take up a very large portion of your disk.

To set the page file size, see https://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/sysdm_advancd_perform_change_vmpagefile.mspx?mfr=true

To delete the hibernation file, see: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/tr-dojo/delete-hiberfilsys-by-disabling-windows-hibernate-function/
+1 Jordan Dimitrov · January 14, 2015
Do i need these files?Are they important?
+1 Jordan Dimitrov · January 14, 2015
When i use spacesniffer on D it show that 29,5 GB are used as backup files.There is a file named example-PC when i look at his properties it show 0 bytes but in this program it show 29,5 GB?
+2 Eugene Botma · January 14, 2015
a computer needs a page file, but usually on the c drive. You should be able to remove the page file on the d drive without any problems. The hibernation file is used to safe your computer state when you put it into hibernation. If you never use hibernation, you don't need the file

Those backup files are also created by windows's auto backup feature, so they are protected by the same kind of admin rights as the page an hibernation files. You can disable this feature if you do not really use it. 

See this for deleting the backup files: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-delete-old-backup-files-in-windows-7.html

Note, do this only if you make your own regular backups.Regular backups are extremely important. I've lost terrabytes of data because of not backing up regularly enough
0 Jordan Dimitrov · January 14, 2015
page file is 1,9 GB is not a problem but how to delete the backup???
0 Jordan Dimitrov · January 14, 2015
Thank you very much Eugene I got it :)
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