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+1 Nozeri Mahidin · January 14, 2015
I am using ipage web server. I have a problem with MySQL installation (massages : unable to determine the product). I do not understand what is the 'product' means. once I searched it is some thousands USD has to be paid. I am confuse that I heard MySQL is free. Could some one let me know...  

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0 Nozeri Mahidin · January 26, 2015
Thanks Mr danial saufi...
I will follow your steps I will turn back to you if any problem...
0 danial saufi · January 25, 2015
ok if you want to fiddle around heres a website that i use for practicing
its free also .. go and register there
after you have register go around and explore abit first.. then when your done go into the control panel and the mysql 
at that point u can start fiddling with the controls.. If anything went wrong you can tell me and take a screenshot of it so i can see the problem more clearly
0 Nozeri Mahidin · January 25, 2015
Thanks Mr Dave...

I am looking forward and your views is appreciated. I will try whatever method until success as I am a new born baby.
thanks a lot.
0 Nozeri Mahidin · January 25, 2015
Hi Mr Danial Saufi.

I appreciated your opinion. I dont know why my road is terrible. I have involved in coding for many years. I stay in small village. I sent my daughter to University for software engineering. I sent my son for Database system but not going anywhere. Instead of I expect that they will teach me but I need to teach them. Its doesnt matter even I need to use the money as long as I achieve the target.  Ok.... the problem now is once I add user and database in MySQL then I click home and go for phpMyAdmin its appear nothing in upper-left corner of the screen in order to create new table. It is not similar with buckys tutorial. Could you let me know Mr Danial Saufi...  
0 Dave . · January 24, 2015

I looked at iPage's features the other day and it looks like they are already providing MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin to website customers. This is likely why you can not install it.

Ask them what the URL is to your phpMyAdmin connection. It may also be in your cPanel connection if they provided you that.

On your other question I do not know why a database you created would not be there later.

Good luck
0 danial saufi · January 22, 2015
FIrst i kinda agree about malaysia which is several decades behind technology:)(ima  malaysian also)
second rather than u use ur money to practice mysql, its better u should use wampp or xampp which is the same as web hosting provider but its hosted on ur pc since u are practicing and not publishing
Third its better to take a pic of your problem since we cannot imagine and picture the problem
0 Nozeri Mahidin · January 22, 2015
Mr Dave..
I have already been registered with MySQL and phpMyAdmin are available. Once I have created a Database and MySQL user has been added. There is no database appears on phpMyAdmin. Why...?
0 Nozeri Mahidin · January 22, 2015
Thanks Mr Dave..
I was involved in coding for several years but I gain nothing. Firstly may be I am living in wrong environment. In Malaysia we are several decades behind the technology. So I just register my web sever with ipage. I have no Idea what services available. I am looking for the cheapest web server. May be I make a mistake. If so I need to turn back to that was suggested by Bucky Robert. I am trying to install MySQL. The massage appears : "Unable to determine the products that correspond with that setup type". I searched the websites, nothing answer. I am trying and trying and trying...Mr Dave. Your question may motivate me not to give up...thanks  
0 Dave . · January 21, 2015
What services are you paying for from ipage?
0 Nozeri Mahidin · January 18, 2015
thanks Mr Danial saufi..
I am struggle to solve this problem. I am trying to solve my self. I think I need a specific question to ask. If I don't, it is better don't ask any question. I would like to thanks to you for your response.  I will come back to you if necessary. 
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