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+3 Pieter Moens · January 13, 2015
Hey guys!

It's been some time since I started my web development "career" and I've had a great time following Bucky's tutorials :P

Now that my website is getting in shape, I would like to recieve some feedback on my work.
Be honest, but support your feedback with some arguments pro/con.

Also feel free to test it's security, but I would appreciate the feedback afterwards ;)

Website : http://myplayground.site90.net
Thanks already, guys :)

Note : I've coded everything from scratch in Notepad++ 

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0 Leon Lauritsen · January 18, 2015
You want my honest opinion so i will give you it, the website looks decent the only thing im really impressed of is the PHP you did but it doesnt look ugly looks nice enough :D :D :D good job :D :D :D and maybe you could add some fonts from google fonts i dont like the default font : D: :D: :D
0 Pieter Moens · January 17, 2015

1. I think the register button should be in the Login drop down - that'll keep the account stuff more together.

I've been thinking about it, but decided to place it in the menu bar, because I didn't want my menu bar to look too empty :P
+1 Gregory Ballantine · January 15, 2015
I like it! It's pretty clean, and I'm a fan of the dark wood feel.

My only two gripes with the site are:

  1. I think the register button should be in the Login drop down - that'll keep the account stuff more together.

  2. You have w3schools.com on your site, and I'm not really a fan of them, as they have incorrect, out-of-date, and incomplete information a lot of times. It's been a while since I've used their site, so they may be fine now. Just a personal gripe :P

Nice job! Continue the good the work!
0 Pieter Moens · January 15, 2015
Took me about a week to learn html, php, css & sql to create everything but the forum. Later I decided to create the forum and that took me a couple days aswell. I'm glad it's working :)

So all by all it took me almost two weeks.
+1 Mike Conroy · January 14, 2015
Wow - I must say I am impressed that you coded that from scratch!
How long did it take?
0 Pieter Moens · January 14, 2015
Will surely think about that! Thanks ;)
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