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+3 music frissoner · January 13, 2015
Hi i just want to ask what brands or particular laptop models to choose that is suitable for programming and everyday travel to school? I am really tight in budget tho. thanks! :) 
- I am a student that practice programming (C, JAVA, C#, PHP) and hopefully android app development
- I love music and watching movies
- Light gaming
- Long travel from home to school

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0 Pauch Maxwell · April 23, 2017
Dell XPS should be a good choice in your case.
0 Pauch Maxwell · April 23, 2017
Dell XPS is  a great laptop for programming.
0 Jacob Selvestar · November 18, 2016
There are many brands available in the market for Laptop like Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, HP etc. I always prefer Dell models in laptop because they provide good configuration and features that easily fits into your budget and also good for your android app programing. For android development you must need good processor and RAM which can run appropriate android platform without any problem.
0 Genny joe · November 13, 2016
Hi! There's no such laptops specfically made for programming.  But having good hardware configuration counts though.  Since myself a programmer I would confidently say Intel i5/i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, min. 500GB storage meet up most of the s/w requirements.  Being light-weight would be an added advantage.

If you like mild gaming or into game development then dedicated GPU is must.  Need atleast 2GB Graphics and Nvidia is the top one in this side.

Dell Inspiron i7559, HP Pavilion 13-s128nr touchscreen, Acer Aspire E-15 are some of the cheap & best laptops for programming students.  You can check here for more info

I hope this helps.
0 Dol Lod · March 19, 2015
Mac is the best overall option for heavy programming. It offers everything essentially: using bootcamp you can get windows 7 or something without any problems.  This also gives access to Linux features by default through Mac like make, gcc. It is also easy to pick up other languages and use them directly b/c of this such as OCaml, PHP, Java ... 

Installations are also a lot cleaner on a MAC b/c it's a simple drag and drop.

You also have homebrew which acts as a convenient installer after you set it up to instantly install things. ex. brew install ruby. Brew is the best, just type brew install _ and odds are you can get a hit. I just decided to install perl and just went to terminal and typed brew install perl and done. 

Mac allows iOS programming and Android Programming.

Macs also convserve space b/c dependencies are used globally so everything is more efficient while Windows has separate libraries which are tied to each specific program.

Give up on gaming. I would try to get an NVIDIA card for CUDA if possible, b/c otherwise it is impossible to do CUDA. 

Must haves for programming: 256 gb, 4 GB RAM, processor: i3 or higher 2 GHz minimum

If you insist on having windows or Linux, then definitely get Lenovo, it is the best. 
0 Umar ( ゚ヮ゚) · March 19, 2015
I usually Carry around HP Stream 11

small, and pretty cheap in price, but durable!

if you want to check out the full review on it

0 Neil Cannon · January 13, 2015
Check system requirements for the programming language, ram, processor hard drive etc? Screen resolution the best that's avaliable. Which operating system? Windows, mac or linux? Answer these questions and then look for that laptop!
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