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0 Vuk Skobalj · January 13, 2015
Hi guys ,i am new in programming...l want to code in some different IDLE like Eclipse is with PyDev plugin witch l installed and working but i am wondering why is not same as Python Shell.

In Bucky's tutorials example list python 3 he typed players[29 ,58 , 68, 71, 87] and he got results same when l add print (players) in Eclipse , but when he typed players[:2] he got players [29, 58], while l get nothing ,even when l type print that again??

dont get me wrong i'm new and noob to Python but l have big desire to learn, thanks

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0 chris wilson · January 13, 2015
I just installed PyDev for Eclipse and ran it, it worked, here is a screen capture:/images/forum/upload/2015-01-13/7a34ee3ab9fa81c4388381d2167baee9.PNG

I would recommend using PyCharm like Bucky does. I love Eclipse and have used it for a long time for Java dev, but PyCharm seems much easier to use, especially for someone new to programming.
0 Vuk Skobalj · January 13, 2015
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