Best settings for Sublime Text 3?

0 Johnny Lindsey · June 9, 2014
Hey guys,
Just got Sublime Text 3. I know people are going to say use Emacs (awesome), but I prefer developing on a Windows environment. So, I'm wondering, what are the best settings for Sublime, and are there any plugins that I need to install? I want to make my programming experience efficient, but at the same time, fancy and sleek.

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0 Colonel Panic · June 10, 2014
I use Sublime Text 2 myself and just use OOB settings.  If you are new to it get used to the keybinds and how to use the multiple cursors first.   Emacs/Vi have their place.   I use vi when on a live server, but sublime when coding on my desktop.   
+1 Chathula Sampath · June 10, 2014
Install emmet package..

and if you want you can use themes and color schemas as you want.
0 Yoncho Yonchev · June 11, 2014
See how to set up the perfect workflow.
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