Networking Tutorials???

+1 Michael Marshall · January 12, 2015
Hi, just wandering if anyone new of some good networking tutorials?
i no theres a few videos here telling you what it is and that but there abit hard to follow and to be honest its not really what im looking for.

i just want to no how to do basic things like connect my computer to the internet Via manual settings and understand what im doing when it asks me for i.p address and stuff.

also things like what proxys are and just networky stuff.

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+1 c student · January 13, 2015
you're looking for rather specific topics, you'd be better off just googling what you're looking for.  networking covers the entirety of signals and bits, protocols, security, network layers, LAN, WLAN, WAN, types of mediums for transfer, data loss, recovery, switches, routers, etc...
+1 Muamet Shasivari · January 13, 2015
Tell us what you need,probably we can help you,
+1 Michael Marshall · January 13, 2015
well originally, I wanted to setup my wifi with automatic settings but it wouldnt let me for some reason. it would only allow me to set it up manually, but i had no clue what i was doing! so i decided that i wanted to learn and it ended there! i didnt no where to start.

I read something and it was going on about ip/tcp and how there made and stuff but i never understood any of it and it didnt help setup wifi manually either lol.
+1 2old 4This · January 14, 2015
Are you trying to configure the WiFi router or your device (phone/computer)?  What are the exact fields you're seeing, and if it's a router, what is the make/model?
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