Visual studio 2010 C++ Windows form application

+1 Dimitrios Pechlivanis · January 12, 2015
Hello guys, first post in this forum :)
I am trying to find some tutorials on C++ windows form application in MVS. Couldn't find anything but 1 or 2, but  at beginner level.
I am giving exams in a week and the info provided from our teacher is not efficient. Thanks in advance!

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+1 Mc Derp Herp Hur · January 12, 2015
What's up,

You'll find a few nice tutorials, about Visual Studio Windows Forms applications in this chanel -»

I hope it may help you.

+1 Jay Bennett · January 12, 2015
By Windows Form, I assume you mean the Win32 API? If so, a quick Google Search of  "C++ Win32 Beginner Tutorial" found lots of links, like:

and others, have a quick Google yourself if those links aren't sufficient :)
0 Dimitrios Pechlivanis · January 12, 2015
Thanks a lot both of you, I was looking for some specific content just for my exam. 
I will figure it out.
Will save the links to learn from scratch in the summer when I have free time ;)
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