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+3 Melissa Ries · January 12, 2015
Hey guys check this out! Find out if your browser supports HTML5. Apparently all major browsers have to support HTML5, but not all rank the same. I use firefox....I know are a Chrome guy...but I still like my firefox :)

My browser ranked 475 out of 555 points. Not too bad. It ranks second best with Chrome in the lead :D

Yes Bucky Chrome is better 

I have multiple browsers for web design classes, so checked it in Chrome: 501 :D:D:D

(yes Bucky these smiley faces represent you) lol

aaaand for shits and giggles I tested it out in IE...I know....IE sucks! WE ALL know it will have a sucky score (which by the way, it did) at a whopping 369.

Check it out for yourselves. Here is the link. Enjoy! 8-)

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0 Number Double07 · January 12, 2015
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