0 pratt 15 · June 9, 2014
Can anyone explain me what is git and github and why they are useful in easier way ???

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0 Nahiyan Alamgir · June 15, 2014
Git is a source code management system. For example, let's say you're making an application and you want to keep track of your edit history, versions, etc. Git does all the stuff for you. You can easily track others' contributions and see their progress. Git allows you to push or pull your code to another project. Let's say that you're planning to use Laravel, you can easily pull Laravel and build your app over it. Pushing an application, on the other side, let's you, for example, host your code in a server, github, etc.

Github is used for hosting git repositories. It's like a social networking site for git users where they can share their repositories, suggests improvements/changes, comment, clone, etc.
0 Tyler Watkins · June 10, 2014
0 Daniel Collier · June 9, 2014
because he is a spoon
+2 Daniel Collier · June 9, 2014
git hub is used when there is a group of people working on a project. two people cannot open the same file on a server simultaneously, well if they done and one write to it and another person writes to it it could overwrite the other persons changes, what git hub does is allow for an infinite number of contributors to collaborate with out overwrite each others code.

you can also back track your code to a previous version if you have encountered a program braking bug that would be to hard to solve. 

it also stores all your code, library's and dependencies in one place for all contributers to access.
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