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0 al woodward · June 9, 2014
Hi found this website via you tube and watching bucky's tutorials (excellent!). The question i want to ask is this, i am eager to learn the linux command line and file structure and realise there is a plethora of books and websites that cover this subject and so i would welcome suggestions /recommends as to the best ones . Also with this in mind is there a distro best suited to learning all this ???
Thanks   Al'

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-1 Johnny Lindsey · June 9, 2014
Some nice resources.

Learn Linux: http://www.linux.com/learn
Learn Bash (Bourne Again Shell): http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/

Lynda courses
0 Colonel Panic · June 10, 2014
As for your question about what distro to start with.  Linux Mint, and Ubuntu are some of the more beginner friendly versions IMO.  Fedora wore this had for a long time as well (see what I did there?)
0 Nathan Lile · June 10, 2014
Ubuntu is very easy to get started on!
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