I have a form for entering data into fields of a database.  Additionally, this form has a binding source that allows the form user to move through the records from beginning to end of the table.  The table is from an access database connected to Visual Basic as a Microsoft database file.

The form allows the user to add a record, delete a record or modify a record.  However, once the form is closed the records in the database do not reflect the changes made.  Basically, the actual database does not seem to be updated with new data.

This is the code (the subroutine was from the form class) that I thought would do the trick:

    Private Sub SaveToolStripButton_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles SaveToolStripButton.Click
        'TODO: This line of code updates the record after any changes are made
        'into the '_MasterBase_00DataSet.tblFileMaster' table.
        'changes made to form inputs are made, but not saved when form closed
    End Sub

Obviously I am missing something and anyone who might have an idea of what it takes to get data updated back to the connected database (that is what I had thought I had done with this), would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.