Best Text Editor to Program

+1 João Castelo · January 11, 2015
Try this text editor it's just awesome, you can add extensions, this is simply the best text editor to programmers.

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0 Aditya Patel · January 26, 2015
yes brackets is awesome
0 James Moore · January 14, 2015
ive never really messed with anything aside from notepad++ its the simplest text editor and you can change the theme to cool colours..  
0 Jason Amador · January 13, 2015
Vim 4 life!
0 Gilbert Diaz · January 13, 2015
I do use brackets and indeed is awesome.  However, if you are a Mac user I will recommend Coda 2 since is a more complate tool for web development.  You can create your own "snippets" or clips; Coda calls them clips. Also you can connect to the FTP server and work files from there. The tool has an internal web viewer that allows you to  see in real time how your page looks like.  Is worth to give it a shot and try it.
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