Running the app in a phone?

+1 Aadesh Rana · January 10, 2015
It seems that my computer does not support VT -x and when running armeabi the device is too slow and usually stops to respond. so is there any other way, perhaps running the app directly in my phone?


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0 Amit . · January 11, 2015
yes, you can run on your android device. Connect it and turn on the USB Debugging.
+1 Hector Boone · January 11, 2015
Also it is hidden on some phones and versions. If you can't find it look here
0 Aadesh Rana · January 11, 2015
Thanks found it, working fine (:
0 Vincent Boromeo · January 14, 2015
What do you do once you enable USB debugging?
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