Curious about bucky's style of coding

+1 Compodulator Compodulator · January 9, 2015
As I watch more and more of Bucky's tutorials, I notice a recurring theme:

char name[20];
printf("What's your name?: \n");
scanf(" %s", name);

What bothers me about this is the following question: is there no actual STRING type variable in C for Bucky or, in this case, me to use, which would be a hundred times more comfortable?

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0 Çağlan Turgut · January 9, 2015
Nope, it is the way C works. ;) No classes, No strings. There might be ways to fake it(Even-though I can't think of any) but this is not a preference thing or something about Bucky. It's the standart.

It's not that hard tho, also you have more control over what you are doing because there is less abstraction (Which makes C really powerful).Also sometimes programmers still use this method in C++  some cases.
I guess you should just deal with it or move to C++ which I see as an upgraded version of C(Yeah, I know not exactly:(, but still... )
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