HTML5 is awesome!

+5 Melissa Ries · January 9, 2015
I just started my HTML5 class a couple days ago, and after finishing my chapter 1 reading and watching these tutorials, I would just like to say that the new HTML5 is beast! It is cleaner, easier, and more efficient than HTML and XHTML. 

No more 5 lines of code for the DOCTYPE statement either!!! WOO HOO!

Bucky I know you have div tags in your tutorial, but I was just reading how they don't have to be used as much for the structure anymore. There are tons of new elements that eliminate the need for div tags. I absolutely love this. I like to make my code as simple and clean as possible. Leaves less room for mistakes and makes mistakes easier to spot.

BTW I loved the tutorial on pseudo-classes! I can't wait to learn all the new neat tricks!!!

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0 ludwig fourie · January 12, 2015
It is
0 Melissa Ries · January 11, 2015
@Abdullah, your link keeps sending me to the wrong site. When I click on it, it sends me here I did find the site you were referring though here.

BTW thanks ;)
+1 Abdullah Nauman · January 9, 2015
+1 Abdullah Nauman · January 9, 2015
You can also use Phonegap Build to make apps with it
+1 Abdullah Nauman · January 9, 2015
I know, it's really awsome
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