What to do after watching the beginner videos?

+4 The Devestator · January 9, 2015
guys these are just the beginner videos... can someone plz tell me where i'll be able to find more advanced javascript tutorials??

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+3 Colonel Panic · January 9, 2015

Other than that, you just have to start working on things.   As you build, edit and troubleshoot sites, you will have to have to learn your way through unfamiliar territory, and gain more advanced skills.  

One thing I find useful after learning a language/technology, is to reverse engineer another's work, and see how they utilized some of the tools that were learned in the beginner tuts.   

For instance: Download the source code from a few of the templates available at http://html5up.net/ and dissect the code.  Figure out how the author is generating different elements.   Those templates are a massive wealth of knowledge about how to write modern web pages.  
+1 Sochima Biereagu · January 10, 2015
practice! The most important thing, cause there is a saying "If you dont use it you'll loose it". So practice alot, try to learn from other peoples code
+2 Muamet Shasivari · January 11, 2015
Use your beginners skills.watch the beginners tutorial 100 times if needed and when you feel that you remember almost everything then come back and ask the same question :)
+1 Landon Luman · January 17, 2015
Try books, I used books to find my way through the crazy world of Advanced CSS
+1 Eshan Maini · January 17, 2015
Read Javascript and jquerry by Jon Duckett 
its pretty good!
0 James Moore · January 21, 2015
Honestly I took 2 classes on java script and did horribly because i didn't actually take the time to learn everything... After watching these videos/code academy and code avengers i wish i could go back in time to take those classes again just for the excercises the teacher would ahve use do that i didnt even attempt 
0 Mete Öncü · January 28, 2015
If you have any opinion, try to do it. But already you will find new ideas to do while you are developing web projects. Necessity is the mother of invention :)
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