Android emulator that does not use VT-X??

+3 music frissoner · January 9, 2015
I just found out my computer DOESN'T and CAN'T support VT-X (which i need to use android emulator) :( so I want to ask if there is an option so that I can continue to develop android apps? thanks

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0 Sašo Plut · January 9, 2015
0 music frissoner · January 9, 2015
thanks for your reply. i created a new virtual device using arm but got new errors when running it/images/forum/upload/2015-01-09/d2278d7be85dd4b5f362c1444af543ec.PNG
0 Ankit Ojha · July 9, 2016
You can use a software called PdaNet which allows you to run your apps on your android phone and you don't need the emulator.
Second, you need to install ADB drivers on your PC.
0 Gary Whitney · July 9, 2016
Try unchecking the "use GPU" box when you edit your AVD.
This will cause it to not try to use graphics accelerator .
The result will be that it takes longer to build the AVD, but you can just leave it open once it is built.

You can use a real phone or tablet but you have to turn on the developer option.
The following is from HeadFirst book:
On your device, open “Developer options” (in Android 4.0 onward, this is hidden by default).
To enable it, go to
Settings ? About Phone and tap the build number seven times.
When you return to the previous screen, you should be able to see “Developer options.”
Within “Developer options,” tick the box to enable USB debugging
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