Editing a blog from an administrator's perspective.

+4 Eric Persson · January 9, 2015
Okay, so this is the scenario.  (fictional as of yet)

I have a blog that I have made myself, complete with HTML, CSS and JS. 

I want to be able to create new posts, and edit the content i.e. upload new images to the gallery section, update blogposts, etc. just as I would on an existing platform, say blogspot or tumblr. and not have to add content manually by means of coding.

Now I guess I don't really know what it is that I'm looking for here, so I don't know where to start searching. That's why I ask here in the hope that someone knows. 

What is this system called, how does one program it, in what language, would it involve server side scripting with PHP etc.?

I would run this blog from my own computer, like a virtual server and what not. 
The blog would be mainly for my own educational purpose, and as a means to show my "skills" to a potential employer in the future.

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+1 Pam Nhlengethwa · January 9, 2015
It's called an admin panel and yes you do need server side programming. You can use PHP. You could also use a Content management system (CMS) like wordpress, joomla or drupal. 
0 Eric Persson · January 9, 2015
Thank you!:)
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