Hello All,

Is there anyone that could assist with an issue I am currently having with the CMS system I use on my website.

I use CuteNews CMS system developed by CutePHP. It's a pretty old system, but very lightweight and easy to use.

I am currently having an issue where when the user selects a headline from the index page, the article will display in each headline section. The expected result is to display only the article but with the way the CMS system is set up it displays the article in every location the PHP call is located to display the headlines.

I'm looking for someone who could dig through the code and give suggestions on how to fix this issue, where the user can view one article from selecting a headline on the page.

My website is www.jameskaveh.net. You can see the bug in action by selecting an article on the index page. A screenshot is also attached. I can send the files to whomever. Any help is appreciated./images/forum/upload/2015-01-08/3f8d6467f26320504d8a8a38c46389d4.png