How to stop Activity restart on rotation of Android Device?

+3 Amit . · January 8, 2015
On this question solutions are available but in comments people are claiming answers to be not working or depreciated with newer versions.

What is the correct way to solve this problem?

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+1 Hector Boone · January 9, 2015

This should explain everything for you

If you register with the site you can download the source code

Good luck
+1 Amit . · January 8, 2015
Hector Boone that video is only useful for onPause and onResume but in case of screen rotation onCreate() is also called and it resets everything.
0 Hector Boone · January 8, 2015
Bucky has a great tutorial explaining the activity life cycle
0 Troy Jones · January 8, 2015
I usually just lock mine to portrait in the manifest, but there is another way to do both.  I remember watching it in thenewbostons eclipse android series.
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