Hi everyone

+1 jurgen wolf · January 8, 2015
Hello everyone

My Name is Jurgen, im 33 and from Austria.

Im new here and i found out about this site from youtube when i tought myself, Php

Buckys tutorials are great

SInce  by know i thought myself so much programming that i can start my own website.

I plan to do a website about Fitness and here is already my first question

Wht about using other youtube videos on my website, is this forbidden??
Do I need the consent of the creator/ maker from this video??

ANy help is appreciated

thank you

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0 Hector Boone · January 8, 2015
Hello Jurgen

I'm not sure about this.

I have visited many forums where people have embedded YT links to play the video inside the post however I would be cautious about doing it on my own web site.

Maybe someone else has better information on this.
0 Del Tice · January 9, 2015
Hi Jurgen,

I am new here also, and find the video's extremely informative.

To respond to your question, I would probably ask permission of the video owner just to be on the safe side. When users upload to YouTube, they have the option to disable the embed feature, so if it is available, it may be okay. However, if they do not realize this, and don't want you to re-post their video, they may make some noise.

Hopefully that answers your question. BTW, I am not an attorney, and the above is not legal advice.
0 radhesh r · January 9, 2015
Hii frdnz i am new here..my name is radhesh from india..i relay like this site bcoz lot of helpfull tutorial videos ..tnx for creater...
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