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+2 KCJ Alva · January 8, 2015
excuse me, I was wondering if there is a way to use a data base, without having a hosting, ive heard of something called sql light but i dont know if thats a thing haha :) it would be really helpfull to know.

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+1 Hector Boone · January 8, 2015
I haven't got through all Buckey's tutorials yet so I don't know if he covered it.

If not there is information about it here
+1 Donald Trump · January 8, 2015
0 c student · January 8, 2015
sql is a language to create and manage databases. if you're wondering how to have a database without having it hosted by someone, you can make your own database on your own computer, then open it up to the internet so people can connect to it through ip:port.
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