internet speed !!!!

+3 nikshep naik · June 9, 2014
hi all guyz please tell me our net speed and location ??????

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0 Batuhan Ay · October 11, 2014
This is my internet speed.

Actually my internet speed is 24mbit down but we have a limit in turkey. * Fair Usage Limit *  Thats means if you have unlimited internet like 24mbit download and 75gb download limit. If you used that (75gb) your internet speed down to 3mbit. Actually isnt unlimited (just saying...) This is really bs right? Yeah we hate that.
0 Kyle Reid · June 9, 2014
My best, what I pay for

What I'm getting (I'm tethering to my iPod because my computer doesn't have a real wireless adapter right now.)
0 Steven the awesome · June 21, 2014

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0 nikshep naik · June 10, 2014
#darius u r freaking lucky btw how much do u pay ???? what type of connection do u have ??
0 Darius Rapalis · June 10, 2014
We pay about 10Lt/Month thats about $3/month, I dont know how to translate my internet type to english, but google translate said "fiber", internet wires are made of glass. I hope you understood something :D
0 monuis uma · January 2, 2015
My speed test results are,

I checked my internet speed test here  .
Is this good or not?
0 nikshep naik · June 11, 2014
#darius ur using fiber optics for ur net bcoz of that ur gettin dat amazingly net buddy anyway ur lucky and $3 bucks thats freakingly cheap also bro
0 Haris Rizwan Ghauri · June 11, 2014

This is from my home in Ottawa, Canada 
0 Jay Deshaun · October 8, 2014
Here's my speed:
0 Dhrubadeep Das · August 17, 2015
 can you plz...teach me how to hack DSL internet connection to increase the speed?    

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