default udk test-character doesnt appear

+2 spyramida mida · January 8, 2015
I have built a very simple level (i m a complete newbie on game developing, just finished the udk-tutorial though) and i notice that the default test-character that appears on buckys' tutorials (and other tutorials as well) doesnt appear on me. I got no ammo, health bar, weap etc. Just viewing. I can still move and jump though. Also, i tried to check it putting a camera direct at me but nothing did happen. I installed udk with the default settings on win7-64bit. Does it have something to do with my graphic card or is there a setting? Thank you in advance

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+1 Kuroodo Ditory · January 8, 2015
Though I haven't done those tutorials...

-Have you done all steps exactly as shown?
-Have you checked if this could be due to a different engine version?

Also I suggest learning/trying Unreal Engine 4 instead of UDK. It's a bit of a waste of time to learn UDK to be honest (unless all you want to do is learn Game Development instead of using something to make games) since it's outdated now..

UE4 costs $19 a month You can just pay once and still be allowed to use it and release games. Just read the other threads on UE4 for more info.
+1 spyramida mida · January 9, 2015
I use the same UDK version (at least with most of the video-dudes i have seen) and its not something that needs a sequence of steps to be done in order to got it. Just after the installation u can click "play from here" on your basic level (or a default basic level provided by the UDK) and you are supposed to have your character with his weapon, hp-ammo bars etc.

About the Unreal Engine. As i already mentioned i have no experience on game design/development, nor on object-oriented languages (as i should in order to script). So can you explain me the different features, pros and cons of Unreal Engine-UDK so i could think about buying it or investing (not money) but my time on learning other necessary stuff?
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