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+3 Amit . · January 7, 2015
I want to develop an android app but I need to store data  and display it as a news feed to the users. 

  • How android apps data is stored? 

  • Is the same servers for website hosting is used?

  •  Where does apps like whatspp and others store there data? 

  • Lastly, any good (free or cheap) server options available for small apps

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+1 Branislav Lazic · January 7, 2015
Basically, you need three tier application: Android application, web service and database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL...).

Web service will be as a bridge between database server and android app.

Getting public data: You send request via android app, web service responds by fetching data from database and sending them back to android app (i.e. in JSON format).

Posting data: You login and obtain access token (read about OAuth 2.0). You use token in future to send data to web service which will consume them and save in database.
+1 Amit . · January 8, 2015
Branislav Lazic thanks. I am still confused about this same servers for website hosting is used for apps? and what are the server options available for small apps(link please)?
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