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0 Fred carter · June 9, 2014
Hey guys,
I'm new to programming and I've watched most of bucky's tutorials on Android programming. I am trying to have my android app import info from my website database and use it. I currently have a website that is using xml databasing. Do I need to convert the database to another format to make life easier? If my xml database is ok to use, is there a tutorial that can show me how to begin integrating the database into my app?

I hope my questions are clear.
Thank you in advance

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-8 Fred carter · June 11, 2014
Thanks guys this helps a lot! I really appreciate it. :)
0 Yoncho Yonchev · June 11, 2014
Well you have two options - use the current data base, use some sort of request and get the information in json, later to pass it to your application. This way keeps the database on your phone and on your website synchronized. The other way is to parse your current db in sql or xml, it doesnâ??t matter and to put it inside your application. But you will face the synchronization problem of two databases.

video with example here

code example here
0 Fred carter · June 10, 2014
Yes Brano, My website databases are in xml format, but I want to be able to parse them with an android app. So Yoncho, are you suggesting that I should convert my databases into an SQL format?
And my databases have the potential to become very large.
-1 Yoncho Yonchev · June 10, 2014
It depends on the size of your database, but SQLight is inbuilt in Android, so I strongly advice you to use it. I use database management tool and I can export/ import my db in a lot of different formats, so I advice you to do the same.
0 Fred carter · June 10, 2014
thanks for the response Brano. My website uses xml for the database of different users and settings. I was asking if I should attempt to convert the database to something else such as JSON, MYSQL or any of the other databasing formats. I apologize if I was being too vague. But I suppose knowing the proper terminology would help if im trying to program stuff :) "Parsing" is the word that I was looking for. My website has different users that are password protected so I need to be able to be able to allow each user to log in to there own account. I am clueless on how to do this.
I am still further researching but any additional help or insight on where to search or what tutorials to watch would be greatly appreciated.
thanks everybody.
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