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0 Rick Flink · June 9, 2014
Good evening all!

I'm a new guy to the Bucky's website and to this forum which I found thanks to Bucky's XHTML and CSS 4 hr tutorial on YouTube. I've coded html in the past to complete a couple of college courses and then to help out a couple of nonprofit organizations that needed a website, but had no spare dollars to hire someone to do it for them. Well they got me and a very basic html 3 based website.

Now, I'm the new Chairman of the Board of a nonprofit organization called Literacy Volunteers of Flathead County (in Montana). We are in dire need of a new website to replace a very 1990's type website that is uglier than sin and is absolutely useless. (http://www.literacyflathead.org/)

Because of this I've been brushing up on my html knowledge and learning about css as well, thus finding Bucky's excellent tutorial mentioned above. I'm amazed how much I remember, but even more amazed on the more intuitive xhtml and now html 5 have become thanks to the marriage to css.

The reason I've joined the forum is to learn from all of you, and boy do I have a lot to learn to be able to lead a project to get LVFC not only a decent website, but one that actually allows our volunteers, learners, staff and board members the tools we need to do our jobs. We need a snazzy multimedia front end to entice the public, but more importantly potential adults who need to learn to read and accomplish simple life skills to get our no cost help into their hands. In addition we need a backend that is secure, that has a section for the staff, one for the board members to access important documents and meeting materials, a section for our volunteer tutors to log their hours teaching along with the ability to store their students records, and finally a section for our learners to access learning materials, do assignments, take secure tests etc.

In my opinion, the front end portion of the build is the easy part, especially if we use a content management system such as Wordpress as the platform. The backend portion is almost scary to think about, thus my joining the forum to learn, and hopefully get suggestions from all of you on what you think would be the best approach to planning, development and publishing the new site.

Thanks all for reading my long winded introduction, and thank you Bucky for the fabulous tutorials and the great website to draw knowledge from!

Rick (better know as mtgrizzly52)


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0 Carl Hales · June 9, 2014

I have to agree the website is nearly as bad as watching paint dry. I am sure you will get there. Good luck.
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