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0 Yash Karan Singh · January 6, 2015
Hello Everyone,

So, I was trying to make executable file of my .py script using cx_freeze.
All the builds have been built, but when I run the application, the cmd window prompt ( that flashes for, like, less than a second)
says that it was unable to play crash.wav file.
Even the tuts mentioned here are abt making the executable without any sound file included in the .py script.

A little help will be appreciated.


Yash Karan Singh

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0 Chris Nelson · January 6, 2015
What version of python are using? If it is 3 < you could you py3exe instead. I just used it for the first time last night and it worked like  a charm!
0 Chris Nelson · January 6, 2015
Sorry, py2exe** 

Wouldn't let me edit that last post for someone reason. The forum is also rendering a bit strange on google chrome for me.
0 Yash Karan Singh · January 10, 2015
Sure.. Will let you know once I finish up the current game logic.


Yash Karan Singh
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