How do i get started in computer sci. job field?

0 caleb faulkner · January 6, 2015
how do i get stared in comp. sci., where do i get experience to get a job in the field and is a degree needed or are classes and knowing the langs. all i need?

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0 R R · January 6, 2015
You don't really need a degree if you can code. (some places do require a degree though) It all depends on the employer.

If you want to learn how to code without having to go to school then go to and start looking at some html/css tutorials there if you want to get started as a web developer.
0 Number Double07 · January 6, 2015
If I want to get started in as a web developer, is there anything in particular I should do or learn outside of the html/css tutorials?  I have already studied some of the tutorials and started to design websites, boring looking ones albeit, but I feel I need something more if I were to apply for a job.  Maybe an online website or something.
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