instructions for installing android studio in fedora 21

+1 Santosh Kumar Desai · January 5, 2015
Dear friends and  tutor Bucky,
I saw  how to set up android studio in mac and windows thanks to your videos. Please help me by giving appropriate instructions to do the same in Linux Fedora 21. I hope it is not asking too much bucky. Do I get a notification on follow up of this post on my email?

Thanks in advance everybody


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+1 Hector Boone · January 6, 2015

I have not done this in Fedora but I did it with Ubuntu 14.04 and I think it should be similar.

The software and instructions for Linux can be found here.

If you need help with the installation I will try to help but please bear in mind I am also a noob

+1 Chris Sisco · January 6, 2015
I also installed it successfully on Ubuntu 14.04. It was mostly straight forward. The only snag was that I had the OpenJDK installed and not the Oracle JDK and Android Studio complained about it.

Here is a recent guide on installing the Oracle JDK on Fedora. It might help you out
+2 Amit . · January 6, 2015
I installed it on fedora 21 and the instructions are same as installing on Ubuntu. 

Unzip it. 
cd android-studio/bin
Execute ./ 
That's it. (Do all this as superuser "su")

Follow the link in Hector Boon's reply.
0 Hejful Apanslav · March 27, 2015
@Amit: You should *not* run that as superuser. Don't make it into a habit to run all shit with su or sudo.

Otherwise the instructions are kinda correct. First you have to install JDK: `$ sudo dnf install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel` and you might need libs, see, i.e.:

    $ sudo dnf install ncurses-devel.i686
    $ sudo dnf install libstdc++.i686

You can easily find their names on Fedora by searching, for example:

    $ dnf search ncurses
0 Hejful Apanslav · March 27, 2015
zlib is also needed: `$ sudo dnf install zlib-1.2.8-7.fc21.i686`
0 Hejful Apanslav · March 27, 2015
This repo contains useful info about how to setup Android Studio on Fedora:
0 Hejful Apanslav · March 27, 2015
And it works fine to run the emulator, IDE, etc with OpenJDK. Oracle  isn't needed.
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