What to do next? I'm stuck in a pickle and need help.

+1 Giorgio M · January 5, 2015
Hello my fellow peers, I have a question and wondering if you guys/girls can help me. 

I just finished this semester in college and I just basically finished Python. So now I'm on to the next language, C++, starting this month. This is my problem, I got an A in "Intro to Programming" which was Python. But I'm looking around in the Python forums and it has stuff I've never heard of before. I got an A but how do I not understand yet? These are all the topics I went over in my Intro to programming class. 

1) Variables & Expressions 
2) Types 
3) Branching 
4) Loops 
5) Lists 
6) Functions 
7) Classes 
8) Exceptions 

I know the topic in each number is broad but that was the titles of them (I understand these topics) 

The question I have is.... What else should I learn or go into to understand more so I can actually use the stuff I learned? Should I study Databases such as MySQL? I just feel so lost right now compared to everyone on here and in the workplace, it feels like I didn't learn anything and I got an A in the class. Someone lead me a way to where else to start or look at because I'm starting C++ in about less than 2 weeks and I feel scared I'm not getting anywhere. Python is my first language by the way. Thanks so much I hope you guys can help me.

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+1 Milan Obrenovic · January 5, 2015
It really depends on what kind of language you want to learn and what would you like to build in the future. I personally never learned python because I never found it powerful enough, so I can't 100% say from your aspect of what you should learn now.

C++ is a very dry language, but very powerful, and I like it. If you are more into creating nice looking designed apps for windows, it's probably good to start with C#, and if you are into creating software which mostly requires no design but pure functionality, go with C++. If you are into learning android, it's better to know some basics of C# and HTML5 because C# and Java are similar, but C# is easier, and HTML5 is similar in some way to XML, but HTML5 is easier and so on.

And remember what Bucky said: always start with baby steps! ;)
+1 Giorgio M · January 6, 2015
Thanks dude for your help. I really appericate it and I'll take your advice. I'm more into creating software which requires no design but pure functionality right now. So I will stick with C++ for now. I think later on my program career I will go into design but I got to start with baby steps and then move on. I just don't feel comfortable making designs for things first. I feel like I need to know pure functionality. Thanks so much for your help again!
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