Most beautifully designed software/app?

+6 Bucky Roberts · January 5, 2015
What (in your opinion) is the most beautiful and well designed software/website/app?

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0 jiggunjer jiggunjer · August 29, 2016
Software: XBMC, VLC or Chrome

Website: Google Keep, Stackexchange or

App: Hearthstone or Moon Reader (android)
0 AKT Arun · February 16, 2015
Mobile app: WhatsApp
Software: Google Chrome

0 Simon Haines · February 15, 2015
App: Monument Valley

Software: Adobe Photoshop
0 Nikola Novakovic · February 1, 2015
Web application, android and/or windows for application both come from Spotify. They are freaking amazing :)
0 Yannis Sp · February 1, 2015
Bucky this website is awesome
0 Savad Dekrup · January 8, 2015
Software: InternetExplorerIsEvil
App: InternetExplorerIsEvil 
+2 Colonel Panic · January 5, 2015
Yeah, Visual Studio is pretty awesome. Especially 2012 edition. 
+3 Colonel Panic · January 5, 2015
I have always thought that  was an amazing looking website.  The background animation is the perfect balance of cool without it being aneurysm inducing.  

App: atom text editor, very elegant, and simplistic and very useful. 
+2 Steven vd_W · January 5, 2015
The most beautiful website:

The most beautiful software and app do I not know now but I'll think about it :)
+1 Donald Trump · January 5, 2015
It's really hard to say, there are thousands of things that are beautiful, but if I had to choose some, i'd say:

Software: Popcorn Time (PC/Mac/Android)
Allows you to watch any movie or your favorite TV series that you want and all in HD. Works on Android as well. It is NOT available on Google Playstore because all the movies/TV shows are of course pirated, so you have to download it directly from their website.

Website:  (Simply perfect.)

App: Folder Lock  (I think it's available for PC/Mac/Android/iOS)
Allows you to set a password only once at the beginning and from then, only those who know the password are allowed to access the hidden files inside of the app. You can hide: photos, videos, audios, documents, cloud backups, secure wallets, voice memos, notes, contacts and so on. You even have a private browser built inside.
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