What is one thing you absolutely hate doing?

+6 Bucky Roberts · January 5, 2015
For me, it is doing the dishes. I don't mind cleaning my house or doing laundry, but doing the dishes...hate it.

What do you guys hate doing?

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0 Jason Finney · January 5, 2015
homework and chores are a big tie for me
0 Jason Finney · January 5, 2015
lol i don't like doing the dishes either i just don't like the part about touching wet food just something about it gives me the creeps
0 mike richardson · July 7, 2015
Trying to teach some one music theory!!! The blank looks on their faces :(
0 Sachin Kumar · July 11, 2015
I hate it when I have to choose between 2 things and even more when both things are good in their respective :(:angry:
0 fanty banty · July 17, 2015
administration. for work. all those papers and stuff, bllllluuuhh.
0 Rohit Buddabathina ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ · July 4, 2015
Listening lectures from my college teachers. 
-1 Donald Trump · January 5, 2015
Building software that requires logic - killing the brain for 8 hours straight on inventing an algorithm to solve the given task. I always sucked at logic and combinatorics, I hate it so much and can't stand it.
-1 Hector Boone · January 5, 2015
Don't mind washing up but I hate cleaning the windows. It sucks!
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