What is one thing you absolutely hate doing?

+6 Bucky Roberts · January 5, 2015
For me, it is doing the dishes. I don't mind cleaning my house or doing laundry, but doing the dishes...hate it.

What do you guys hate doing?

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+2 Colonel Panic · January 5, 2015
Working on large scale server infrastructures that do not have configuration management incorporated.   WTF DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO DO IT BY HAND 1000 TIMES?!?!?!?
+1 Rehman . · July 15, 2015
i just hate loosing my focus toward work like right now i'm hating it i was doing a web design and in searching of a problem i dono when i came to the form read bucky's topic and replying on it wasting my time. damn i need to go
+1 Bucky Roberts · January 5, 2015
I don't know, there's just something about them....
+1 ahmedtarek mahmoud · January 5, 2015
studying Logic design :D
0 Bernhard Riemann Georg Friedrich · July 6, 2015
Smalltalk 1 on 1, absolutely hate it...
0 wernich wilsenach · July 15, 2015
hanging up washed laundry. i don't mind doing dishes, cleaning, washing the clothes, ironing or taking clothes off the line, but there's just something about hanging it up that irritates the crap out of me. it's like an instant happy day killer.
0 Jeff the Killer · July 15, 2015
doing group projects
0 Tatrasiel R · July 15, 2015
@ Stephen Cochran Ouch! that sounds painful!!!

hopefully, a good for i in $hosts; do $i something;done helps a ton of times.

I hate working all night, doing dishes.
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · January 5, 2015
haha, Bucky what exactly is the problem with the dishes ?:)

well for me it's making my bed, dunno but it just puts me off man.
0 abhishek phukan · January 5, 2015
I absolutely hate whenever i have to make a pose for a photo....i dont  know what expression i will make..i just completely blank at that moment...i cant express mtyself....hehe...aside from that...mmmmmmm.....stydying of cz..
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