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+1 Travis Alvarez · January 5, 2015
are there settings you need to apply to your personal computer or xampp to allow proper php coding. For example I'm attempting the fileuploads tutorial and when i insert the copied code. It does not function no file is uploads and at times when using chrome it shoots my php code back out at me.

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0 danial saufi · January 5, 2015
First did you put your file in htdoc?
second did you save it as .php?
third did you start the apache and mysql?
fourth did you insert any html in it?
last when you wrote your php code,did you make sure u started with <?php and end it with ?>   ?
0 Travis Alvarez · January 5, 2015
I put the files in a folder within htdocs called series
Yes i saved it as .php, apache and mysql On, no html within the .php, I used the <?php ?> tags.

Could it be my browser settings or xampp settings? Have you ever had this problem?
0 danial saufi · January 5, 2015
i dont think so.. try putting the html templat inside.. can you copy paste your code. maybe its something wrong with your code
0 ludwig fourie · January 15, 2015
Lets see your code...
0 Travis Alvarez · January 28, 2015
Figured out the problem thanks guys for the reply on my post.
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