Improvements we are working on (6/8/14)

+7 Bucky Roberts · June 8, 2014
Here are some improvements we are currently working on:

- Fixing minor security issues

- Several improvement to the Moderator sections

- Fixing notification text when several notifications are displayed

- Fixing issue where users are getting logged out after a few minutes

- On the video pages, the page title will now be the title of the video being watched. For example, the title of this page"> will be Beginner JavaScript Tutorial - 7 - Using Parameters with Functions

- Adding pagination to wallet.php (same as credits.php)

- Adding the following to the list of Username options on the info_contact.php page:

  • Bitbucket

  • GitHub

  • Pinterest

  • reddit

  • Steam

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+2 Kai Saunderson · June 9, 2014
Cant Wait ;D
+1 Eric Persson · June 9, 2014
There is another bug as well, I can't upload any images!
Been trying several, also been alternating between profile pic and just ordinary upload, but nothing happens.
0 David Cooke · June 25, 2014
You can report your own posts
+1 Source Slayer · June 27, 2014
Putting the site on GitHub ought to help this be a community-led site while taking some work off you.
0 travis smith · July 2, 2014
Cant Wait
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