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+7 Jay Deshaun · June 8, 2014
Here you could show off your computer to other people and show what you're using to code, whether it's old or new!
Here's mine:

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0 Jay Deshaun · November 22, 2014
There has to be more people with computers!
0 Eugene Botma · November 23, 2014
This is my case. GMC H-80, Will post a pic of the inside of my rig in a bit when I get home
0 jan burg · December 19, 2014

Antec P182b case. It's a little dusty right now but still kickin ass. I got all my cables folded and tied up at the other side of the case like Mathias. Btw, sweet setup Mathias.
0 Eugene Botma · December 19, 2014
Oh, I forgot about this thread. This is my rig:
0 jan burg · December 19, 2014
Nice Eugene, that is pretty hardcore. Your cpu heatsink is gigantic lol. Which one is it. 
0 Eugene Botma · December 20, 2014
It's a Phanteks TC14PE ( 3 Years old but still works wonderfully, just needs to be cleaned properly on a regular basis.
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