Identical coding, mine won't work though

+1 Ola Berglund · January 3, 2015
Hey, I'm at Buckys webcrawler tutorial, his 26th python video. I'm was coding a webcrawler and I when I was done, my program wouldn't work. I tried looking it through a couple of times, comparing, but couldn't find any... problems. A webcrawler is such a cool thing and I really want it to work as it should.
Here's a print of the screen with my coding and the video's (Bucky's) coding:


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0 Chris Nelson · January 3, 2015
Hey, it would be helpful to know exactly what isn't working.. syntax error? Does it open and just not do anything? Let us know so we can help better.
0 Ola Berglund · January 3, 2015
When i run the program, nothing comes out. The program... loads, thinks, executes which is easy to see because it takes a couple of seconds for it to say it is done, it doesn't print anything out though. There's no syntax-error coming up (no red/blue texts telling me anything).
0 Chris Nelson · January 3, 2015
Just a thought, try setting max_pages equal to 10 when calling forum_spider and see what happens..
0 Ola Berglund · January 3, 2015
Yeah, absolutely!
0 Ola Berglund · January 3, 2015
Oh, I finally after... a lot of wasted time found the problem! You see Bucky's "item-name" at line 12? Yeah look at mine now, I have got a "_". I changed this and it works. It's incredible how much just that little thing can change it all. Thanks so much for the fast answers though!
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