Laravel 4 Deploying on shared hosting

+2 0x13a _ · January 2, 2015
It's ever possible to deploy Laravel application on shared hosting ?

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+1 Muhammad Saad Khan · March 20, 2015
Why bother shared hosting? The biggest disadvantage of shared hosting is the security issues that the server faces. 
a) Shared servers are usually prone to hacking attacks. 
b) Any malicious activity that the server suffers affects the whole network of websites using the server.

You may experience resource limitation as everybody else in the network uses the same CPU, memory and hard drive.

Or your server may get swamped by requests or overloaded which might cause it to stop.

There are many more.

So I believe dedicated hosting is much better. For Laravel, I would suggest Cloudways:

Why? Because they provide DigitalOcean, Amazon and Google Compute Engine servers with a server management layer. The platform is built to automate server optimization (using caching mechanism including Ngnix, Apache, Memcache and Varnish).

You just need to focus on building your Laravel project and the platform take care of everything. Laravel 5 is available in just 7 minutes hosted on top of 3 top cloud providers.
0 Donny Garner · March 25, 2015
Altho what Muhammad says is true, dedicated hosting is going to cost you way more!

I understand why you would go with shared hosting.  But frameworks like Laravel were intended to work in dedicated environments because that's what the were built in.  In theory, it will still work on shared hosting.  You might experience slow load times do to more resources on the server, however.

Here, the best place to start without paying out ANY money is download WAMP or LAMP and running your application locally.  You'll learn a lot this way and will always be able to export your work to a hosted environment for the public to see.
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