Hi guys

I thought I should come and introduce myself here on these forums, since I will be using this website for my programming learning. My name is Okuhle, I am from South Africa, I am 19 years old at the moment and I am a university student studying IT. Favorite things to do is of course, reading the interesting stuff happening in the tech world, always scheming some cool plan or something, watching some anime and listening to K-Pop.

I am hoping to learn as many programming languages as possible, and hopefully design something really cool one day...or at least design stuff for other people. I am hoping to learn all of PHP and MySQL (or at least 75% of it) by the end of July 2014, and perhaps move onto HTML5. I am really excited about learning PHP and MySQL here and with other various sources.

I do have my own blog on the internet, although it is not ready yet. It also serves as my testing environment for my learning with PHP / MySQL and any other web languages. I hope this community will help me out when in need, and I hope I get to have fun and know a few people here.