Learning Python.. (I just dont get it)

+1 Michael Marshall · January 1, 2015
Hi all,

Very new to Programming. thought i would give Python a go. really wanted to learn how to program my own apps/small games but i think im living in dream land.

i started to go through the tutorials on this site, which has been the best so far, but i just dont understand it.
to me it just feels like im using another text editor like word.

an example of my confusion is:

Varibles.  Tuna = anything                   a=b             Bread = Butter

Why not just type "Anything" or "B" or "Butter"???

and how does all this make a program once learned?  i no im jumping the gun abit as ive only just started the tutorials but im starting to forget all this stuff is teaching me already but i dont see how its important.

PLEASE dont get me wrong, i no its very important and i admire you guys that have taken it in. but should i just give up now?

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0 Ryan Xu · January 2, 2015
Don't give up. Programming languages are hard to learn. Bucky is a very good teacher. Later, variables will simplify the amount of code you need to write. I had some trouble when learning Python, but Bucky helped me get through it. If you believe in yourself, you can do it.
0 Jordan Taylor · January 1, 2015
Hi Michael,

Don't give up. It's a process.

I think Bucky is a naturally gifted teacher and I'd say after taking other tutorials for many years his is the best I've come across so far. Some of the modules I get right away, and some I don't and I revisit them over and over until I get it. Sometimes I just write down the concepts that Bucky presents and I Google around until I come to an explanation that I can understand.

If I get stuck sometimes I just take another computer science tutorial (or any tutorial) just to give my brain a break. I don't think delving into other CS classes is so bad either. Even if you don't get the material the vocabulary will I'm sure come in handy eventually.

Variables are just that - they vary. Like in gaming it's like having a beginning life of 50. You get hit by an axe and now it's 40. X =50. Then X -= 10 and now it's 40. The X variable may be used all over the place, so it's not convenient to change the number all over the program. X might be used to figure out if your dead, to add to it if you get some life bonus, etc.

Good luck.
0 Paul D · January 1, 2015
don't give up it is hard work to learn.  I don't know much but I am learning several languages and have been for years.  Work hard and you can learn.

variable Tuna = 10;

1 + tuna
6+ tuna

What if you reference tuna a thousand times in your code?  And now tuna = 20 and not 10.  Think about it, what is easier and smarter.    changing 10 to 20 a thousand times or changing the value of tuna once.  There is other reasons but that is just one example.  :)
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