Android Emulator not working

+6 Amit Kumar Agrawal · January 1, 2015
Every time I try to run the Emulator, it gets stuck on "Android is Upgrading....Starting Apps". Can you tell me where the problem is ?

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0 Niels van Oijen · January 3, 2015
I have set the API to 17 (4.0.3 I think) and put "<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="17" />" into my androidmanifest.xml , yet it still crashes, even with a brand new project.

Still gives the same error and in my packages i can only find the v7 package, not the v4 package
0 Niels van Oijen · January 3, 2015
If you want, I can get on Teamviewer to show you.
0 music frissoner · January 9, 2015
guys what if my computer is not vt-x capable? I mean it can't support vt-x. is there an android emulator that does not need vt-x? :( thanks
0 music frissoner · January 9, 2015
genymotion still need vt-x :(
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