New Years Resolutions?

+10 Bucky Roberts · January 1, 2015
Happy New Years everyone! What are your New Years resolutions? List them here and then in a year we will come back and see who met their goals.  :)

Mine is 100,000 users for thenewboston!

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+3 Donald Trump · January 1, 2015
My goal is to become either a C++ or Java/Android programmer, i'm learning both by myself with the help of Bucky as best as I can. :)
+1 pratt 15 · January 1, 2015
My resolution is not to take any fake new yr resolution as i took in 2k14 ...:P:D
+1 Daniel Collier · January 1, 2015
to eat more cake
+3 Paul D · January 1, 2015
Eat healthy and take good care of myself.  Work hard and enjoy life!  Spend time with my family those are things I want to do this year.
+1 Aaditya Kotkar · January 2, 2015
Mine is to excel in college
+2 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · January 2, 2015
Serious python with django and PHP with yii  framework, got to be very good with em by the time the year is far spent, Bucky i think you should add "putting away dishes" to your list as well  :).
+2 abhishek phukan · January 2, 2015
To be an graduate first.....and try not to follow bucky's tutorial....haha...just kidding...
Happy New Year....
+1 Laura yepitsme · January 2, 2015
1. To become great at programming.
2. To make an outstanding portfolio for myself.
3. To convince at least 3 people that bananas are a great source of awesomeness and a great way to lose weight.
4. Be more awesome.  
0 Raphael de Oliveira · January 2, 2015
I really hope to get 150k in yearly earnings with my business, let's see how this goes!
+2 ahmedtarek mahmoud · January 2, 2015
being a professional android application developer :D
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