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+2 Jaron Machete · January 1, 2015
I have installed php and it was successfully installed as per instruction from the videos. But here is my my problem whenever i run index.php the browsers always say Object not found error 404. I have tried all like typing http://localhost/xampp/htdocs/test/index.php and it doesnt work.

I was trying this code to run though which i have created in test folder in htdocs. and it's not running.

echo 'hello world';

I need help guys.tnx

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+1 Erp Eight · January 3, 2015
Try http://localhost/test/index.php
0 Gareth Kirk · January 2, 2015
When xampp is running the htdocs folder is mapped as localhost.

For example:

If you had a file (index.php) in the route of the htdocs folder, you can access it in the browser by navigating to http://localhost/index.php.

Hope this helps!
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