A new hoby for a new year, non computer related

+7 Daniel Collier · December 31, 2014
anyone got any ideas for a hoby i can take up that will get me away from the computer for a bit ? :) any of you guys got a new years rresolution other than 1920*1080 ?

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+1 J.D Gauchat · December 31, 2014
I would go with electronics or learning a new language. Learning how to create circuits with Arduino for example will keep you busy and away from computers. If yo add that to robotics, then you can combine passions (controlling robots with computers). Learning a new language can also keep you busy because sooner or later you will have to talk with people. Find a language that people talk in your area so you can practice and stay busy.

I like to collect things, but that doesn't take much of your time, and you will probably spent more time on the computer searching for new pieces to complete the collection :-)
0 Daniel Collier · December 31, 2014
i have really wanted to learn mandarin for a while now so maybe now is the time :) hmmm i might also have a go at the arduino, there are alot of cool things that you can make with them. the only problem is with the language thing is that people in my area only really speak english :/ 
+1 Alf Nohr · December 31, 2014
0 Visal Krishnan · December 31, 2014
Drawing.Really love to draw and then convert into digital.
0 Neil Cannon · December 31, 2014
Get yourself a wealth scrapbook and put inside all that you wish.
+1 Doug Fresh · January 1, 2015
I'm setting out to learn how to make an electric car. If I can build a good electric motor, combined with my programming experience, I may be able to create an electric car comparable to Tesla's without the hefty price tag. Maybe this would peak your interest as well? Could be fun!
0 Daniel Collier · January 1, 2015
that sounds interesting ! ^
+1 Paul D · January 2, 2015
I agree with J.D Gauchat.  I use Arduino and Raspberry Pi in real life applications all the time.   Super fun stuff.
0 Landon Luman · January 22, 2015
Is learning about hardware considered 'away from computers'? Cuz that shiz be ballin..z
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