Usual AVD vs GenyMotion?

+1 Feisal Ahmed · December 30, 2014
I just installed the GenyMotion coz i thought the normal AVD was kinda slow..

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+1 Edwin Francis D · December 30, 2014
I too have installed GenyMotion because of the suggestions on the official AVD...

But i was stopped in this process with the error regarding OpenGL version...

In my system it was just 1.1 but it requires version 2.0...

Tell how can i update it and will all the system can update it... Explain this in detail ???

Thanks in advance... :-)
+1 ahmedtarek mahmoud · December 30, 2014
geny motion has some cons man it does not support all android features except if only  you purschased it :D
+1 Feisal Ahmed · December 30, 2014
yeah thats soo true.... It didnt even work it for me. I want to uninstall it now.
+1 ahmedtarek mahmoud · December 30, 2014
look man if you want to make your emulator faster first increase you ram to maximum ram that can your motherboard carry second close any other apps at the time you run your emulator   make your own custom emulator and decrease the ram and heap in the settings 
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